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FAQ - Safety concerns, Quality concerns
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Safety concerns
Quality concerns:

Concerns (safety, quality)
How safe are my records?
Will you take good care of my records?
My LP's are true audiophile quality.  Will your processing degrade the audio quality?
Will your processing damage my records?
Will you erase my original recordings?
Will I get back my original recordings?
What about the "harsh" sound of CD's?
Can I send back the transfers for a refund?
What if I am not happy with the CD/DVD received?

Q:  How safe are my records?


- Extremely safe.  Your records are handled with utmost care while at our studios by fully qualified personnel.   We clean each record carefully, and use only the finest quality cartridges.   We use the minimum amount of forces that will ensure optimum playback and preserve the disk.  The record is played only one time.  Although we can not control how the records are handled while in transit, we have not had any negative reports.  Play safe: get a professional to pack your recordings. 


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Q: Will you take good care of my records?


- Absolutely. We deal every day with very unique recordings. Many recordings that come through our studios are beyond "rare and hard to find". They exist in only one copy, that can never be replaced. We take good care of all recordings we receive, and we'll take good care of your records. Please also read: How safe are my records above.


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Q:  My LP's are true audiophile quality.

Will your processing degrade the audio quality?


- Special care is taken in order NOT to degrade the audio quality.  That is why each recording is individually analyzed, and only the corrections that act on the noise (not on the music) are applied.   Even mint quality recordings sound better after small clicks and "vinyl noise" are eliminated.  If you are concerned about preserving the high frequency content of you recording, write "Maximum High Frequency Preservation" in the Special Instructions box of the Order Form.  If your LP has absolutely no noise of any kind, use the "Transfer Only" service.



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Q:  Will you erase my original recordings?
     Will I get back my original recordings?
     Will your processing damage my records?


- Your original recordings will not be erased.  You will receive back your original recordings, along with the new CD's.  Our processing does not alter in any way the original recording.  In fact, you will receive back a record that is cleaner than when you sent it to us.   Your recording is played only one time.  See the answer to Will you take good care of my records? above.


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Q:  What about the "harsh" sound of CD's?


- "Harshness" is caused by cheap or improperly designed converters (analog to digital at recording, and digital to analog in your playback unit).  We use analog to digital converters of the highest quality, specially designed for audiophile-grade work.  Our CD's sound as warm as the source LP's, with no added harshness or coloration (minus the vinyl noise, crackles and pops).  The quality of the converters in your playback unit is also important.



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Q:  Can I send back the transfers for a refund?


- We do not accept any unauthorized returns.  Just as with any "special order": "all sales are final".  This statement is meant to protect us from the very few, but harmful individuals who occasionally try to abuse the system and get free transfers/restorations from us.  If a problem is detected please let us know.  We will look into the problem and if we find that we have made a mistake we will be very embarrassed, apologize profusely and  immediately fix any mistake we have made at no cost to the client.  Our determination of "what is a mistake" is final (this is also meant to protect us from the same).  If a recording is sent back to us with a perceived problem for us to fix, but after analyzing the problem we do not find that we made a mistake, we will charge a "Setup Fee" plus return shipping.  Since "all sales are final" and since we always fix our mistakes there should be no credit card disputes.  Unfortunately we live in a litigious society.  Some individuals attempt to get free work out of us by working the credit card as a tool for getting free services. We conduct our business in a fair, competent and professional matter. Because of that we have NEVER lost a dispute yet.  Credit Card disputes introduced in spite of our terms and conditions will incur a non-disputable $60 fee per dispute dismissed by the credit card company (and ruled in our favor). This $60 fee will be charged when the credit card company rules in our favor, and is non-disputable. If the matter is escalated and requires arbitration, arbitration ruled in our favor by the Credit Card company will incur a $400 non-disputable fee per incident. This $400 fee will be charged when arbitration is ruled in our favor or when arbitration was requested, but subsequently forfeited by customer, and is non-disputable.

Q:  What if I am not happy with the CD/DVD received?

- We have many redundant levels of checks throughout all processing phases to make sure that 100% of what leaves our studio was processed 100% correctly, in accordance with our published criteria.  The possibility of "human" or "machine" error is there, but it is EXTREMELY unlikely that a CD or DVD we shipped contains a processing error.  We receive an extremely small number of "not happy" inquiries.  Most (if not all) of these inquiries turn out to be not a mistake on our part, but a misunderstanding on the part of the client, which is quickly and professionally cleared out. Should a client feel "not happy", we welcome an email of inquiry.  We take such inquiries VERY seriously, check to see if we made a mistake and promptly respond.  Unfortunately, our society is increasingly populated by rude or power hungry individuals, who forgot what their parents and teachers taught them.  Their "not happy' inquiries are rude, vile and permeated with threats. Nobody working at our company has signed on to being verbally abused, insulted or threatened by people with no breeding.  Our policy for dealing with such abuse is "zero tolerance" for abusive or threatening language or behavior. We will send one polite email reply, review the facts and address the issue.  We will invite any further contact to be conducted in a civilized manner.  Should the abuse continue, we will stop any further support or contact and refer such individuals to appropriate professional, legal or law enforcement authorities. This is a condition of the sale and of after-sale support. Persons not agreeing to this policy are asked to please NOT order from us. This includes those who have a notion that they may place an order with us and can subsequently "enhance" their order or "not pay" for our work though various forms of abuse or intimidation.  



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